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More than a yoga studio, this is yoga as ritual.

We empower you to discover the magic
within you and embody your highest self!


Benefits Of Live
Online Private Yoga

Enjoy a curated yoga experience designed just for you, on your schedule and desired location. We will help you set intentions and a personalized plan for your yoga practice. You will be guided with compassion, encouragement and accountability each step of the journey as you improve your health and expand joy through yoga. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to deepen your yoga practice, private online yoga is truly transformational!

We have the ability to connect no matter where you are, and record our sessions to review and practice later.


Experience The Magic

EYE AM Yoga utilizes a powerful alchemy of ancient technologies and modern science to unify the mental, emotional, physical and potential aspects of Self. This unique formula is anchored in tantric philosophy: the knowing that ALL IS DIVINE. As we breathe, expand compassion, explore asanas and release all that does not serve us, we tap into the flow of divine source energy. Through this embodiment we are guided out of the mind and into feeling, surrendering to our higher self beyond the ego.

EYE AM Yoga is an exploration of the subtle energies within the body and their connection to your life as a whole. With the intimacy of one on one sessions and the application of the Trinity of Awareness (see below), you will be given the opportunity to transform all aspects of self into an empowered, healthy & joyful state of being.

The Trinity Of Awareness


Yoga is the magic that has brought me back to LOVING my body, honoring its wisdom, and releasing limiting beliefs and emotions to call forth the freedom and joy of my FULL self expression.

- Alisa Marie, Founding Ambassador

A Message From the Heart

On the physical level, the heart pulses blood through our veins, which creates circulation and provides nutrients to the body.

On the spiritual and emotional level, by using the EYE AM Yoga methodologies, we become empowered to expand and circulate Love through our entire being.

The frequency of our heart has the power to heal all aspects within, from physical dis-ease, to mental and emotional imbalances, and create harmony in the mind, body, and spirit.

For me, the practice of yoga has been the truest medicine: a doorway to Self Love, Acceptance, experiencing Joy & Pleasure, and FULLY embracing this human life!

Open your heart and receive the deep wisdom inside…

You have the choice now, to choose Love. You deserve this gift!


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