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Yoga, communion within, breathing in the holy trinity of higher self, body and mind. Rebekah finds yoga to be a transformational tool for self study, connecting to higher consciousness and a release of energy stored within the body. Practicing intuitive yoga from childhood, Rebekah has developed a sadhana practice in the last two years. Choosing to approach asana with an open mind and allowing the body to guide in perfect time, she has found inner strength and natural intuitive wisdom.

"It is an honor to guide each trinity through sacred geometric shapes, namaste.
-Bekah Marie

Live Online Private Yoga Embodiment Session

75 Minutes


Come into Unity, a journey to rediscover the true nature of the soul. Each private session begins with a channeled meditation before transitioning into a guided flow specifically designed for your system. Elemental magick: the rearrangement of the 4, by heating the body with fire (asana) , wetting the clay with water (sweat), molding the earth (body) and finally releasing steam carried on the breath up to third eye for witnessing and processing of karma. We are all divine beings, deprogramming to remember our source nature, Sat nam.

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Live Online Private Yoga Chakra Activation Immersion

Choose your day and times... A seven day journey into the chakra system, aligning and purifying to the highest frequency. 120 minute sessions encourage the practitioner to really dive deep into daily asana and meditation. Setting up each individual to continue practice independently with tools and support to start. This offering is a commitment to the practice, a great opportunity to develop personal accountability to Self.

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